St. Petersburg Beauty girl Alena

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Alena 1582
Data di nascita 13 / ottobre / 1992
Età 27
Altezza 171 cm
Peso 52 kg
Colore degli occhi verde/azzurro
Il colore dei capelli biondi
Stato civile singolo
Bambini nessuno
Maggiori info
Istruzione univerritaria
Specialità filologa
Occupazione scrittore, agente pubblicitario
Città San Pietroburgo
Lingua inglese, francese
Maggiori info english B1.2
Fumo no
Licenza di condurre no
Carattere amichevole, amante della vita, pensante, formato, spiritoso, con un senso dell'umorismo, creativo, onesto, energico
Hobby Biciclette, cucina, Arte del Medioevo, Letteratura, Natura, viaggio, Sport, mostra internazionale ( esposizione ), famiglia, disegno, vocale
Partner desiderato
Età 32 — 46
Altezza, da 172
Fumo Non importa
Maggiori info leggere, socievole, con sprito d'umorismo, autonomo
I work in family company and get the second education (philology). At the same time I’m writing the second novel. So I read and write everyday and everywhere. Sometimes it’s something about medicine and technology; sometimes it’s a horror novel or a history book. I love to learn something new and it doesn’t matter what it can be. Few times a week I go to fitness club, because I need to use my energy after sitting work. Actually I prefer to ride a bike in the forest or play badminton. All activity in the air is perfect. About my dream I want to become a professional writer. Yes, this dream only about me. Not about family and kids. I’m not ready for them, because I’m still a kid. And it’s not only about that I love cartoon movies, table games, hide-and-seek, mess around and maybe laugh a lot. Maybe I more optimistic than it should be. I love to make surprises, talk about serious subject all night or talk about silly things. That’s why I love jokes and old comedies like Duck Soup or Some like It Hot (the classic, I know). The humour is really important in my life. You should know, if you are still reading, that I also have a dark sense of humour with really bad jokes. In any case I can be serious when it’s needed. A few words about my family. I work in my mother company with her. Our work is about what u see outside everyday – outdoor advertising. I live alone in a small flat but on the 20th floor. I don’t know do you need this information or not. Anyway I’m looking here for a whole person not for a half of me, no, pls. I’m romantic, but not in this question. I want to meet a whole person. You can see me helping you with any question, life or work, or mental problem, how to get Sudoku, anything. You can see me on the day of your birthday with no expectation. I respect foreign borders and don’t do such a thing if I know that it’s not permissively. And in the end I would like to say that I like travelling, as all people do. I prefer trains, because there I can enjoy the landscape and listening music. (I prefer instrumental: classic or modern it doesn’t matter). And if u asked me about what was a family for me, I would answer that the family for me is about equality and the trust. Thank you.