St. Petersburg Beauty girl Yulia

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Yulia 1390
Data di nascita 23 / aprile / 1988
Età 29
Altezza 178 cm
Peso 57 kg
Colore degli occhi azzurri
Il colore dei capelli marrone scuro
Stato civile singolo
Bambini nessuno
Maggiori info
Istruzione univerritaria
Specialità insegnante di inglese
Occupazione ingegnere - architetto
Città San Pietroburgo
Lingua inglese, francese
Maggiori info english(4/5) french beginning
Fumo no
Licenza di condurre si
Carattere attivo, beneducato, dinamico, diligente, perseverante
Hobby Piscina, Maglieria, arredatore di interni, Dipinti, Salute e sport, Corsi di lingua, mostra internazionale ( esposizione ), culinaria , cucina
Partner desiderato
Età 30 — 40
Altezza, da 184
Fumo no
Maggiori info beneducato, buono, colto, leggere
I was born into a family of engineers. Since childhood, I have been taught to respect and appreciate the family, to give good things to people and help all who need it. Based on this, I chose the profession of a teacher, since I like to teach people and give them knowledge. By character, I am a kind and sympathetic person, ready to help people, to be close to my family and friends. I take a great interest in sports for myself, I go to the pool, I go for a long bike ride and go for a walk in the country, in winter snowboarding, walking, visiting all kinds of events (exhibitions, festivals of cinema, food, books, I like to attend concerts of various music, theater, sledging and horses), I like to travel, get acquainted with the culture of other countries, I like to read books at home in the evenings, I knit clothes to my friends and for my relatives. My main goal in life is self-realization, as a professional in my business, as a good mother and as a good wife.